Flickers & More Flickers

(Images Automatically Advance Every 3 Seconds)

In this Quicktime slide show, there are images of Northern Flickers - the Red-shafted, Yellow-shafted and Intergrade.

  • Intergrade Female and Red-shafted Feeding
  • Intergrade Male on Driftwood
  • Red-shafted Female with Tail Feather Spread
  • Red-shafted Female Tail-less Feeding
  • Red-shafted Female Tail-less and Ready to Poop
  • Red-shafted Female Drinking at Bath
  • Red-shafted Female with Wings Spread
  • Red-shafted male at Drippers
  • Red-shafted Male in Elderberry
  • Red-shafted Male at Feeder
  • Red-shafted Male on Gutter
  • Red-shafted Male in LIlac
  • Red-shafted Male in Rabbit Table
  • Red-shafted Male on Window Sill
  • Yellow-shafted Female on Trailer
  • Yellow-shafted Male on Table