Do They Fit The Bill?

Wilson's Warbler Beak Insect eaters like flycatchers, warblers, thrushes and swallows have slender, pointed bills.
House Finch Beak Seed eaters like grosbeaks, sparrows and finches have short, stout, cone-shaped bills.
Hairy Woodpecker Bill Woodpeckers have strong, straight, chisel-like bills for drilling into wood to find grubs and insects.
Mallard Bill Water strainers, like Mallards, have spoon-like bills with edges that strains food from the water.
Cooper's Hawk Bill Birds of Prey or "raptors" like eagles, hawks, owls and shrikes have strong, hooked beaks with sharp edges.
Red Crosbill Beak Red Crossbills have crossed bills to pry open cones and extract the seeds with their scoop-shaped tongue.